Susanne Leutenegger

susanne Leutenegger

your feldenkrais tutor in cork

I have always had an interest in moving, and I started to teach myself Yoga from books at the age of 15, enjoying daily routines practicing the lotus position and sun salutes. I have always had an interest in moving , but alas – I never became a ballet dancer ! 
My path led me on to Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
And to Feldenkrais


my personal journey to the benefits of feldenkrais

At the age of 30, I needed to check out the pain in one hip joint and X-Rays revealed that symptoms of a form of Arthritis. I intensified my swimming and cycling as I believed that I needed to move more.

During ante-natal classes (in Oldenburg, Germany, 1991), I experienced for the first time some elements of "Pelvic Clock" - Feldenkrais lesson.

Afterwards I felt a smoothness as if newly oiled and was nicely surprised.

Intrigued, I bought the book classic book "Awareness Through Movement" by Moshe Feldenkrais but found it not an easy read.

After moving to Ireland, I still felt that all I needed was to make an effort to keep fit. For a while I enjoyed those push-ups typical for Ashtanga Yoga.  

Then I noticed that my lower back started to complain after every class.  

I had been given the present of several recorded Feldenkrais Lessons by a friend, and found that doing a Lesson before and another one after the Yoga class helped to release the back pain acquired from my Yoga practice.

The first Feldenkrais Lesson with a teacher left me amused. I kept peeping around the room to see how the others took to what sounded like non-instructions such as  "how have you placed your arms" or "which side is wider, heavier".

I got impatient as I wanted some action and felt twitchy. Nevertheless, I was intrigued to focus for an hour on small and slow distinct movements and how I perceived that parts of me changed and how I was feeling about myself.

Over the course of several years my focus shifted.

Through the Feldenkrais Method, I came to recognize that the pain in my hip was a permanent tension that I had gotten into the habit of carrying with me

I learnt to recognize when I am holding tension and also what kind of movements help to release this particular place. Holding tension is no longer comfortable and I quickly move to a balanced position.

I feel that I'm on a journey which encompasses exploring physical and mental and spiritual spaces.

For some questions I had I have found answers, but for every answer there have been new questions like,
"how comes that my glasses give me a headache ?
A. My eye sight has improved.

Q. how comes that one eye is more comfortable focussing into the distance, has it got to do with how I hold my head, my shoulders ? 

How can I keep my eyes at ease even when focusing into the distance or at the computer?

There is endless mind-games like when I walk a shallow flight of steps and observe how it affects my whole structure (skeleton) as compared to when the steps have a habitual height.

Or watching the the similarity of how the cat or the tennis player leap for a mouse/ball.

Where can you learn it?