Individual Lesson

Individual Lesson


also called Functional Integration or FI – and it is an individual hands-on lesson with a trained Feldenkrais practitioner (Feldenkrais teacher).

Each lesson is designed around your particular habits and needs. You sit or lie on a low padded table, in comfortable clothes, while your practitioner guides your movement with gentle subtle touch.

The environment is one of rapport and respect for the student’s abilities to learn in safety and comfort.

Individual Lessons are especially good for addressing specific or long-term issues or for enhancing your learning with ATM lessons.

I also offer Individual Lessons on Zoom, which takes the form of an Awareness-Through-Movement Lesson tailored to your own individual specific needs.

Try this short audio lesson in sitting

by Susanne


What People Are Saying

“It was an eye-opener to be doing a Feldenkrais Lesson and experiencing and sensing in depth on a subtle and fine distinction level.”

Mary K.

Student, Feldenkrais Cork

“A Feldenkrais Class – I’m present, just noticing. There is no judgment, just awareness.”

Kevin O.

Student, Feldenkrais Cork

“Movement is life. Without movement life is unthinkable.”

Moshé Feldenkrais