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recommendations for further reading and study

What is Feldenkrais? - Irish Examiner Article 21 July 2013

Books on the Feldenkrais Method.

"Awareness Through Movement." by Moshe Feldenkrais. 1972.
The classic book, Introduction and 12 lessons, affordable, but not all lessons easy to understand. Moshe was a scientist and not writing in his native tongue and this mix is sometimes a bit puzzling.

"The Master Moves" by Moshe Feldenkrais. 1984.
12 Lessons that have been taught by Moshe and transcribed from tapes. Every word he said has been written down, so a bit lengthy but it has a genuine touch.

"Awareness Heals" the Feldenkrais Method for Dynamic Health. by Steven Shafarman.1997.
6 Lessons with illustrations, probably the most usable book as it gives an introduction and easy to follow lessons in clear modern English.

The Website with free lessons is :
Go to the website, click on ATM Recordings (ATM stands for Awareness Through Movement Lessons, that which you have done with me in class).
I recommend the teacher Olena Nitefor, but of course you can choose who you like to listen to best ! You have literally hundreds of lessons there.

Where can you learn it?